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Before Your Eyes promotional banner

Every now and then an indie game comes along and makes me think “this is what video games are all about!” The recently released, innovative masterpiece Before Your Eyes from GoodbyeWorld Games is the latest game to inspire this feeling in me. Being steeped in the indie game world, I was surprised that I had missed any news about Before Your Eyes until after its release. I was instantly intrigued by the charming art style and gameplay premise — navigating the narrative with real time blinking.

Now if you’re thinking “oh my god I could never play that game, I…

NUTS promotional banner

NUTS is a first person, single-player narrative game about monitoring and reporting squirrel behavior. You play as a rookie field researcher coming to the remote Melmoth Forest to track the movements of the squirrels and discover why they behave so strangely. NUTS boasts bold style and an intriguing narrative executed through distinctive gameplay.

The core mechanic of NUTS is a unique type of environmental puzzle that requires you to navigate through the forest while tracking the path of some tricky squirrels. You are given cameras that you set up around your map based on GPS coordinates given to you by…


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